Sunday, March 20, 2011

Bulletstorm Skillshots and Office Politics

I never really bought the in-game explanation for skillshots in Bulletstorm.

I know…who plays a game like Bulletstorm for the story? Hell, the skillshots are the one element that distinguishes it from every other FPS. But the game puts the explanation out there, so I feel I can pick nits. 

In short, there are automated “drop kits” that distribute ammunition and weapon upgrades on the battlefield based on how many points a soldier has earned. And the more creative said soldier is with his killing technique, the more points he earns. So a soldier who simply shoots the enemy in the head gets squat, but it’s Christmas morning for the guy who grabs the enemy with an energy whip, shoots him in the crotch as he’s flying through the air, blows up a barrel beneath him, which sends him flying into a giant alien cactus. Fun, sure, but pure silliness.

Anyway, I was expressing this point of view recently to my boss, who had politely asked me what was new in the world of video games. Then I made a clever connection and said the following:

“Doing something well doesn’t get you anywhere, but doing the same thing with a lot of needless flash gets you huge rewards. It’s just like our office!”

He frowned and said “That’s not how it works around here.”

Swell. Can’t wait until my next review.

Don't try this at home, kids. I'm a professional.

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