Saturday, April 2, 2011

The 3D Gaming Onslaught Is Coming Right at You

This picture is like 60 years old!
Mitch Krpata at Insult Swordfighting raises some interesting points about the ubiquity of 3D games at PAX East:
No matter what reservations you may have about the technology -- the glasses, the eyestrain, the dimness -- they do not matter. 3D is coming....
Is this the future? Sacrificing innovation in gameplay for an expensive technological upgrade? Or is that just the story of video games, same as it ever was? 
I think he knows the answer to his own question about the future: "yes." At least until it stops making money.

Nintendo 3DS - Cosmo BlackNintendo is certainly doing its level best to make sure 3D is a big part of the future of gaming with the release of the 3DS. And since the release of the Wii, Nintendo has major cred as an innovator.

My impression of Wii games was that for every one that made good use of the new control scheme (Boom Blox, Wii Sports), there were ten games that simply replaced button presses with random controller wiggles (almost everything else) that sometimes made the game worse. There's no reason to think that 3D won't simply repeat that pattern.

Krpata  already saw this happening as he perused and thought about other 3D gaming setups. The 3DS titles used the technology to good effect. The others, not so much.
Unlike with the 3DS, [3D] would have been the main course and not a seasoning. And I'm not sure what good that would have been.
This is James Cameron's fault. He made 3D a part of Avatar from the beginning, and he implemented it well. I have since watched Avatar on Blu-Ray, however. The effects are just as impressive and the story just as mediocre without that third dimension.

Unfortunately for us, Avatar made a metric shit-ton of money and studios saw an easy way to cash in and charge an extra five bucks per ticket. So you get Clash of the Titans and The Last Airbender.

People will realize that 3D is a gimmick again, just as they did in the 50s and the 80s. In the meanwhile, we may have to suffer through some pretty awful games.

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