Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Claim Your Dragon Age II DLC on Steam

I had some trouble figuring this out, so I thought I’d share my solution.

If you buy Dragon Age II on Steam, you get the Black Emporium DLC as well as a handful of extra “pre-order” items. However, not all of these extras show up automatically in your game.

Full instructions for retrieving them after the break.
  1. Launch the game.

  2. In the Dragon Age II CD key dialog box, select the Entitlement Key, click Copy Key to Clipboard, and then click Play.

  3. On the Dragon Age II splash screen (the gray one), click Play. Do not click any download offers in the area below the Play button!

  4. Press any key on the title screen. (The one that says "Press Any Key.")

  5. Click Downloadable Content.

  6. On the Downloadable Content screen, click Redeem EA Code, and then click OK to launch your browser.

  7. On the Bioware Social Network site, use your EA account to log on or set up a new account. (You have to have an EA account to claim the DLC.)

  8. In the Promo Code box, paste the Entitlement Key code from step 2 and then click Redeem code.

  9. On the left side of the screen, click Profile and then select Your registered game content.

  10. In the Black Emporium row, click More Info - PC or More Info - Mac.

  11. Follow the instructions that appear to download the Black Emporium content.

  12. Close the game and run the Black Emporium DLC binary file.

  13. Once it's done, restart the game. The Black Emporium will now appear on the Kirkwall city map. The bonus items will be available in Gamlen's House in Lowtown. (Including the Blood Dragon Armor, but only if you had it for Dragon Age: Origins or Mass Effect 2!)
That's what worked for me. Now go snag those game-imbalancing magic items!

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