Thursday, April 21, 2011

Doom 4 Will Be Everything to Everyone

Doom 4 is "not a sequel to Doom 3, but it's not a reboot either." That's the word from id Software's CEO Todd Hollenshead.

“Whichever will make you buy it,” his thought bubble read.

Design director Matt Hooper said the Doom 4 team is "doing something Doom fans will be happy with.” (both quotes via Eurogamer)

Well, that's a relief. He must have forgotten to tell them to do that when they were working on Doom 3. (Burn!)

Also, these fuckers
gave me nightmares.
Okay, Doom 3 wasn’t so bad. It looked good and it fleshed out the old Doom story nicely. But man, I got tired of constantly having to switch my flashlight out for my gun, and of enemies spawning behind me. Every single room!

In fact, before Doom 3 came out, I was a Half-Life skeptic. I looked at it as a wannabe imitator. After Doom 3, I gave it a second look, and then I swooned into its arms.

id is putting out Rage this fall. Until I see how that game shapes up, I'll have no problem keeping my anticipation for Doom 4 in check.

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