Friday, April 1, 2011

God, I Hate April Fools' Day

I blame the Internet. The time from novelty to irritation has gone to nearly zero, and the irritation now comes at you in a tidal wave.

This morning, the corporate intranet here in Redmond is stocked with stories that gently mock our company, double-emphasis on gently. Self-preservation prevents me from sharing them with you.

And the game world is chock-a-block with wacky gotcha stories today as well. As usual, Kotaku does yeoman's work in rounding them up.

There's probably some clever jokes out there, but most of the potential humor is watered down in an attempt to avoid angering readers who might be suckered. In the meantime, you can't trust anything you read because some sites didn't get the memo (remember the Zelda movie?). And some sites just seem to be angling for a lawsuit.

My advice: Unplug your network cable for the day.

1 comment:

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