Thursday, April 14, 2011

Video Game Quote of the Day

I hope Cevat Yerli chokes on this giant flaccid floppy penis of a game [Crysis 2], while he is pulling out his overstuffed-wallet.
Hard OCP (via the Joystiq Podcast)
He's cheesed off that Crysis 2 isn't the game to "stress your new AMD or NVIDIA GPUs," which sounds a little like the Situation complaining that his weights failed to "blast his quads."

Basically, he is part of the faction that believes the game was dumbed down for the console market. He is clearly unaware that I have already settled this issue.

Also, I'm not sure that telling a dude he has a giant penis is the most effective insult. Oh wait, the game is the penis and Cevat Yerli is choking on it? Now I'm all confused. Regardless, "flaccid floppy penis" is funny.

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