Saturday, May 28, 2011

BioWare Promises to Improve the Dragon Age Series

Dragon Age 2 - Bioware Signature EditionClearly, BioWare has read my review of Dragon Age II and has agreed to address the problems I outlined there. (Continuously recycled environments and lack of choice in character creation, in particular.)

I suppose it's possible that others had the same complaint as well and that they are feeling the heat for some of the issues with the game.

At any rate, Dragon Age series lead designer Mike Laidlaw wrote the following on his blog yesterday:
I am absolutely aware of the concerns voiced here. Issues like level re-use, the implementation of wave combat, concerns about the narrative and significance of choice and so on have all been not only noted, but examined, inspected and even aided me (and many, many others on the team) in formulating future plans. Further, I'm not only aware of the concerns, but I agree that there are aspects of DA II that not only can but must be improved in future installments. And that is precisely our intent.
Gotta say, that's what I like to hear: an admission that some of the experiments they tried did not work and "must be improved in future installments." Good for them.

'Course, he also keeps on with his previous thoughts about lowering the bar for entry to a wider audience in the next installment. At least he recognizes that alienating the audience that made your series a hit in the first place is not a smart strategy.

* * *
FWIW, I still suspect that the whole "expanding our audience" thing at BioWare (it's happening to Mass Effect 3 as well!) is being pushed by EA. I don't fault them for wanting to make more money, but the high quality of their games is why they have any audience at all!

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