Monday, June 13, 2011

Mass Effect 3 and Kinect

A few weeks ago, I posted about the bad omens looming over next year's Mass Effect 3. Most importantly, that it was being "realigned" to attract a larger audience.

That last phrase still gives me the shivers.

Well, last week at E3, BioWare announced that Mass Effect 3 will support Kinect voice commands. That is, you'll be able to choose conversation options by speaking them aloud and shout commands to your squadmates.

Neither of these additions do much for me, but they're nicely innocuous and, more importantly, optional. I can blissfully play the game with my controller without having to occasionally jump up and flap my arms around.

And I hope, I hope, I hope that this is what they meant by "realigning."

Commander Shepard = All woman
One reason I won't take advantage of the new voice controls is because my Commander Shepard is a woman. Why yes, she is sexy and looks like a former girlfriend. Why do you ask?

Something about her inner voice being spoken aloud in my manly baritone only to be repeated immediately in her feminine tone doesn't sit right. Some psychological doors are best left closed.

Combined with the recent revelation that there might be more same-sex relationship options in Mass Effect 3 (and the subsequent fanboy freakout), these are good omens indeed for the game. My Shepard is a lesbian, dammit, and proud.

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