Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Duke Nukem Keeps You Waiting

What's with the crazy load times, Duke Nukem Forever?

Is it some sort of meta-commentary on the game's development? You waited fourteen years for this game, why not wait a little longer? That's not funny!

I have to say, I'm on the fence about this game. And waiting 30 seconds or more to respawn each of the 20 times I'm killed by a mini-boss is not helping its case.

Okay, so maybe the "getting killed 20 times" part is about me being a terrible player. And maybe 30 seconds doesn't seem that long, but it adds up. When you're facing a particularly difficult enemy, you can spend more time watching load screens than playing.

I'm not a programmer, but these seem unacceptably long for a game released in 2011.

I know, as games get bigger and bigger, and the consoles don't advance to the next generation, longer loading times are inevitable. Hell, the Xbox version of L.A. Noire came on three discs, mainly because that platform doesn't have a high-capacity Blu-Ray player.

But man, the loading screens in Duke Nukem Forever are looooong. They try to make up for it with some (sporadically) funny gameplay tips on them. "If you fall from a great height, it's probably your own fault" is my favorite.

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