Monday, July 18, 2011

No, Women Don't Enjoy Games More Than Sex

What won't men say to justify not getting laid?

The results of a survey have been bouncing around the Web the last few days, usually accompanied with a breathless headline along these lines:


Well, that got my attention. Unfortunately, that's not what the survey says, as far as I can tell.

Here's how it breaks down: For some reason, Doritos (I know—I don't get it, either) surveyed 2,052 people about their online gaming habits. They then asked the women who play online games if they enjoyed specific activities:

84% enjoyed gaming
75% enjoyed taking a bath
71% enjoyed shopping
70% enjoyed sex
62% enjoyed working out

They didn't ask them if they enjoyed any one thing more than any of the others. It is pretty interesting that more women gamers said they like gaming than said they liked having sex, but the survey did not ask if they preferred gaming over sex (or long, hot baths, for that matter). I'm guessing that percentage would be much, much lower.

Personally, I think two far more interesting data points came out of this survey:

1. Thirty percent of women don't enjoy sex? There could be a million reasons for that, but that number seems high. I wonder what the answer would be if they posed the same question to men?

2. Doritos apparently thinks the top interests of women are baths, shopping, working out, sex, and games. What, no cooking and cleaning? Oy vey, Doritos.

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