My name is Scott Schriefer.

By day, I write help files for Microsoft Office. Yeah, I work for Microsoft, but this isn't a Microsoft blog. I just like games and have a few things to say about them.

I do like my Xbox, however. And I've been told I have to like Bing and Zune. They're swell.

Why Shame Pile?

It's not about me going through the games on my pile of shame. It's about me spouting off about games and other stuff, often long after it would have been relevant. You know, because of the day job and all.

Also, Shame Pile was the last unclaimed video game blog title in the world. The last one. Jesus, game bloggers are like locusts.

Of course, there's a good chance no one will read a word of this, regardless of what I call it. As Adam Carolla once said, "You might as well put your head in a hamper and yodel."

Hell with it. Let the yodeling begin.