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Review: Army Painter Colour Primer Matt Black

No human being is so far from the light of God that they should have to use these spray paints. You may be at the FLGS for paints and you may think, “Hey, this is pretty cheap” or “I have reached the stage in my hobby life where I don’t want to give money to GW” or “Army Painter is the only line with the right color in stock.” The problem is that you will definitely get more value out of simply doing nothing and not spraying your miniatures with Army Painter Colour Primer Matt Black, because then you won’t have to immediately dunk the miniatures in isopropyl alcohol and scrub the shit out of them to remove chalky, uneven paint substitute. Read the rest →

Event Report: Horus Heresy - Adepticon 2023

After years of cobbling together an army (and an edition change in between), I played five rounds of narrative 30k at Adepticon 2023, and they were some of my favorite games I’ve ever played at an event. The Phyrix campaign struck a nice balance of narrative chill and quietly elegant structure. Tables were varied, beautiful, and well thought out—you can get a sense from the pictures. Players formed opposing lines of Loyalists and Traitors and paired off informally. Read the rest →